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Hey everyone,
So you know I did a post about the NARS Audacious in 'Anna' a few weeks ago? Well I mentioned that I had also bought another one named 'Greta' which I was saving until Christmas as it was a present. Well... without further ado I introduce.... Greta! a warm red coral with a touch of pink

On the website the colour description is 'Wild Azalea' - yeah, because everybody knows that looks like! Seriously, where do people get this from? Anyway, this is my new fave bright lippie. Such a creamy and vibrant formula and pigmentation that is really long lasting. These again feel very nourishing on the lips and very comfortable to wear. 

The swatch of this is only one stroke and because of the gorgeous texture they do not drag on the lips. Lots of people wear mattes due to their longevity during wearing, but to be honest this formula stands up against other mattes even though it has a different finish, longevity wise. I would choose this formula over a matte because they are not drying at all on the lips, but the colour lasts a really long time. 

The packaging is magnetic which I love, makes it look like a swish gadget. I also like that there is no rubberised finish which I can't bear as they get grubby so quickly. 

You get 0.02oz more products in the Audacious lipsticks that any other lipsticks that NARS produce. Doing so they have bumped up the price of these by a whopping £4.50 (these are £24 and the standard hippies are £19.50). I'm not really sure how they can justify such a massive increase for such a small amount of product.

I still adore this lippie despite the price tag and if you're looking to treat yourself or friend there are 40 shades to choose from, so take your pick!

Have you tried any of the Audacious lippies?

You grab them here for £24.00

A x
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1 comment

  1. Every time you post a picture of your lips I get insanely jealous! Curse you non existent lips.



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