New On The Scene: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

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Hey everyone,

Now I got SO excited when I heard that Pixiwoo aka Sam & Nic Chapman (Haste) were releasing a luxe range of brushes named Bold Metals. I have only seen pictures on Instagram of the latest offerings and they already seem to be available in Ulta in the US and handful of UK stores. I'll do a reeky when I'm in Norwich tomorrow. Now the price tag is higher on these, but they look amazing quality and a fluffy like Hakuhodo brushes- without their eyewateringly high price tag!

Like the original collection, these brushes are also colour coded. Rose Gold brushes are for finishing Silver for eyes and gold for base. There are 3 silver brushes, 2 rose gold and 2 gold. A real  stunning capsule collection.

These look like definite musts for MUA's kit and some of the brush shapes look like some that I have never seen before. 

Here are a few snaps that I have gathered for you to goggle at!

Prices start from $15.99 and the most expensive brush is $25.99 but I'm not sure how it'll translate over to the UK GBP.

Another beaut of a collection and I can't wait to give them a go!

A x

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