Hair Heaven: AirMotion

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Hey everyone,
I thought that I would share with you my latest love affair- the Airmotion hairbrush. How I ever functioned without it, I will never know. 

This is a super lightweight brush with different bristle lengths to contour your scalp that is designed to reduce daily wear and tear on the hair. The built in AirShock unit reduces the strain on the hair providing an air cushioned base to help reduce shock to the scalp.

This is perfect for wet and dry hair, and an easy brush to clean too. The lightweight brush grips easily in the hand and is great to use when blow drying too.

This is perfect for use in the shower to as the brush has rubberised grip it won't slip around, and doesn't snag or tug your hair when using it wet. I personally have really thick hair and find that after a shower there is enough hair to make a wig out of what comes out- but it all gets caught in here and not the plughole! Every single knot and tangle is gone and I have definitely noticed how gentle and kind it is to my scalp too as I sometimes suffer from sensitive scalp. Despite not even feeling it glide though, every strand get detangled and there isn't an "ouch" to be heard!

I have the black and white brush as you can see from the pictures, but they also do it in black and pink. With using this and the amazing Invisibobbles, my hair has been transformed.

The AirMotion brush is now available here for £11.95, definitely worth spending some of your Christmas money on!

A x

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