Urban Decay VICE3 Palette + Swatches

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Hey everyone,

When I saw this in House of Fraser a few weeks ago, I couldn't contain my excitement. Urban Decay eyeshadows are small slabs of colourful buttery goodness and I just couldn't resist.

The Vice3 is the best of the Vice's in my opinion. First of all there are 20 beyond gorgeous shades that are all BRAND NEW, so unlike some palettes you won't have any of these in your collection. The is a hefty sized mirror that doesn't suffer erectile dysfunction so you don't have to hold it when you're putting your makeup on (oo-er!). It also comes with a double ended crease and shadow brush which it the quality of the normal brushes- no crappy sponge tips here- take note every other brand! The palette itself is has a neon green jewel inlayed lettering and with a holographic style petrol strike along the middle (You'll see what I mean!), the base is neon green metallic base. It comes with a makeup bag you can either use to store the palette in, as a normal makeup bag or whatever you wish. It is also SO slimline. It is PERFECT for travelling. This is by far the best of any Urban Decay palette  for travelling. Oh and it also has a magnetic (strong) closure, so you won't have to worry about breaking any clasps.

Now for the shades.....

 L-R Truth, Undone, Downfall and DTF

L-R Dragon, Freeze, Heroine and Brokedown

L-R Alien, Alchemy, Bondage and Sonic - this probably my favourite part of the palette. Bondageis STUNNING!

L-R Last Sin, Angel, Defy and Revolver

I think that there are all the colours you could ever want in palette in this bad boy. 

As it's £42.00 you could always hint that you want it for Christmas in the hope that it might end up under the tree. If not, it is still completely worth your hard earned cash as a treat to yourself. There isn't a dud colour in here and the pay off is incredible. All of the swatches were applied directly- no primer what so ever!

Urban Decay- keep up the good work!

Available here for £42.00

Until next time,

A x

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