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I am really into skincare at the moment and when I got the chance to try The Konjac Sponge Co face sponge* I couldn't wait to get stuck in. I have been using this for just over a month now and its a welcome product in my daily routine. I was sent the bamboo charcoal sponge.
Konjac sponges are all 100% natural vegetable sponges made from konjac fibre from the root of the amorphophallus konjac plant (woah, things got a bit scientific there!).
The structure of the sponge massages and stimulates the skins blood flow and helps renew skin cell growth. 

There are lots of different sponges for various skin types, and as it is naturally an alkaline, it balances out the acidity of your skin.

Other main benefits are:
Gently exfoliates
Refines pores
Removes water based makeup
Conditions the skin
Can be used around the delicate eye area
pH balanced
Naturally deep cleansing
Kind to you and the environment
100% Natural
100% Colouring free
If you are a conscious beauty buyer- look no further, this covers all bases!

How I tend to use it is cleanse with a balm first and then apply a small amount of facial wash to the dampened sponge, then massage and rinse.

Don't keep this in the shower- it needs to be dried after every use. I rinse the sponge thoroughly under warm water to remove any residue and then hang it on the radiator to ensure it fully dries out before the next use. 

You can find out more here . Prices start at £7.99

Until next time

A x

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