New On The Scene: Illamasqua Facets Collection

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When I received an email telling me all about the new Facets collection from Illamasqua, I just had to  check it out. I think that Illamasqua are now totally back on track. The Once collection did disappoint me slightly as it was more of a mainstream collection and much more wearable. I make this sound like a bad thing- which it isn't at all. But I felt like Illamasqua had stopped doing what they had originally set out to do with their makeup pushing the boundaries and 'empowering people to express their individuality and taking their inspiration from alternative scenes'. I feel that Illamasqua are very much back in the game with their latest offerings.

This collection isn't so out there colour wise so it will please everyone but this is a collection that seems much more thought out than the Once collection. The multi facet palettes come with a highlighter, blush, 4 powder eyeshadows, eye brow cake in 'Thunder' and cream pigment. This is SUCH a versatile palette with a bit of everything in that will be an all round crowd pleaser. There are 2 palettes in this collection with various colours. 

Aura Palette

Semblance Palette

The second thing that caught my eye was the mini brush set which contains 5 mini sized Illamasqua brushes (powder, angled, eyeshadow, blending and lip) with detachable makeup pouch- absolute sheer perfection for makeup on the go and travelling. I can't WAIT to get this. 

This collection is available from 10/10/14 from Illamasqua. Take a look here to check out the whole collection.

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