What Are You Poutin' For?

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Lip Voltage* is a non injectable lip filler. It is a peptide treatment that plumps and fills the lips. Now I already have quite big lips, and I don’t wanna go all Leslie Ash on your asses, but I did really want to give this a go to see if it really worked. 
The set comes with two products, one which is the plumper - which is the one in the syringe. The other comes in a lip gloss tube- this is the peptide treatment. You add the plumper in your desired voltage to the gloss- mix it up and then apply.

If you want natural bee stung lips you would go for the 0.1ml warm tingle 1st degree of voltage, for a very hot tingle and an Angelina pout you would opt for the 0.3ml very hot 3rd degree of voltage. 

If you have sensitive skin or lips I would definitely not recommend this treatment as I would say you need quite a high pain threshold. 

The effects can last up for 24 hours, so for a night out or occasion when you want a little more lip volume then this is ideal.

So here are the results…..


1st Degree of Voltage- 0.1ml solution: This is a warm tingle and it doesn’t feel too horrendous on the lips. I can see a slight difference but doesn’t seem to have made that much of a difference
1st Degree

2nd Degree of Voltage- 0.2ml solution: This is a hot tingle, and it is bloody hot. Feels like I have my mouth slathered in hot sauce. I can see the outer edges of my lips swell up a bit and it feels a bit like bee stings on my lips.
2nd Degree

3rd Degree of Voltage- 0.3ml solution: Bloody hell. This hotter than Channing Tatum sitting on an aga. I couldn’t keep this on my lips for long at all. I actually sat with an ice pack on my lips for half an hour. It gave me a serious pout but I’m not sure it was worth the pain. You must really have an incredible pain threshold to handle this and I thought I did, obviously not!!

This definitely delivers results and is definitely a cost effective way of getting a pout without the costly injections. I’m not just not sure this is for me. If you have thinner lips then this is a great way to get a natural pout.

You can buy Lip Voltage now here for £16.99

Have you tried Lip Voltage? What are your thoughts?

A x

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1 comment

  1. This looks like it works quite well, especially as it's non inject able, but I don't think I could deal with the pain!
    Eden from edenroses xx



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