The Review: Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

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Hey everyone,

So after everybody and their nan was raving on about the They're Real Push-Up liner by Benefit, I thought I should maybe give it a go. Now I'm a liquid liner girl at heart- Illamasqua does my favourite one, and I also LOVE the L'Oreal felt tip liners, they're fab. The They're Real mascara is without a doubt one of the best mascaras I have ever tried, so I had high hopes for this bad boy. I did think that £18.50 was a bit pricey for a pair of petty pants  for a Benefit liner though. Maybe it's just me! 

My mum was asking me about good mascaras, so automatically pointed her in the direction of Benefit, not realising that if you bought the full size mascara, you would get a small trial size liner for free- BONUS!! So I hinted subtly pretty obviously that I was on the scrounge for the free liner, knowing she wouldn't use it and success- it was mine *cue evil laugh*.

I got to testing it out the next day. I decided not wear any eyeshadow or primer, just so I got a feel for it's wear etc on it's own. The colour payoff it really black, which is fab but did find it transferred to my lids- I don't have particularly oily lids either, so I think next time I'll wear my trusty TooFaced shadow insurance to prime before hand. It wore well, with no fading of the black and most importantly, it removed like a dream. I used the BeeGood 3 in 1 cream cleanser and a flannel and it removed every trace of liner, with no panda eye situation the next morning. 

You have to be careful not to twist the product up too much otherwise it comes out in a big blob on the tip of the liner, making it hard to distribute the gel-like product evenly. I did find that it produced a quick cat eye flick without taking too long, so this is great for beginners or those that can't get on with liquid or gel liner and brush. It pushes right up against the lash line so there are no gaps to be seen, and you can layer it quite easily without it going flaky. The little orange stopper is handy, but does get quite messy so make sure you clean it after every use. 

I do think the whole They're Real remover is quite frankly a bloody swizz, because if you use an oil cleanser or balm it comes off just fine- my trick is to leave the cleanser on for about 30 seconds and then wipe off. Voila!

I'm glad that I tried the liner, and have another little sample somewhere else, but I don't think I would pay the (personally hefty) price tag. I would expect that price from a high end liner but not from Benefit.

Me sporting a little flick!

Have you tried the liner? What are your thoughts?

It is currently available at Boots for £16.65

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