Kneipp Haul- The Best Bathtime You'll Ever Have!

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So my mum and I went a bit Kneipp crazy after she fell in love with their Deep Sleep bath salts which are beyond divine (it deserves a post all to itself, so that'll be up soon!)

I have tried that Therapie bath salts that everyone raves about, but they're not a patch on these beauts. We thought we would basically try nearly the whole entire range with some shower gels thrown in there for good measure - they were 3 for 2 so who could pass up that offer?

I would just like to point out that each item came individually wrapped it the cutest grey and white tissue paper, with little hand drawn pictures of their products. I know most of the time you just throw that packaging into a heap in the corner, but this was just too sweet to get rid of.

Now it's time to introduce you all these wonderful bath time gems

 The shower gels are Orange & Linden Blossom (l) and Red Poppy and Hemp (r)
I am in the process of testing them all and so far the Cold and Sinus Relief really helped ease my cold when I was ill a couple of weeks ago and the Deep Sleep works 100%- you'll be out like a light and the Joint and Muscle salts helped to ease my back so all in all a massive thumbs up from me. I would recommend Kneipp to anyone.

You can now buy Kneipp at Graftons Beauty

They are all currently on 3 for 2 and with some GORGEOUS sets for Christmas too!

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