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Hey everyone
Now even at 26 I have started to get a few grey hairs, and after having a long break from hair dye ( well over a year) I decided to do a home colour and have a bit of change. I used the Olia by Garnier Permanent colour in Deep Cherry. 
This is a really pleasant product to use especially as it contains no ammonia, so no nasty eye streaming moments and general disgusting smell that stinks out the whole house!
You simply had to as the colour to the creme activator give it shake and away you go. I didn't bother to use the gloves that came with it, I used normal vinyl gloves that we had laying around as they gave me better grip when trying to section my hair and work the dye in.
Unlike some dyes, this is applied directly to dry unwashed hair- even though the formula is quite runny- the fact that it is applied directly to dry hair means that there is minimal drippage so it won't run everywhere or all over your face.

Before applying the dye I, use vaseline along my forehead and nape the neck and ears, so I could easily wipe of any dye should it come into contact with skin as it acts like a barrier.

It was left for half an hour, then just before rinsing, it instructs to emulsify it with a little water so when you come to fully rinse- it rinses off easier- not sure if this is strictly true but did it anyway. 

I used the conditioner that came with the kit, which smelt divine and made my hair look and feel so soft and glossy. I also liked the fact that there is a big enough tube for another 2-3 conditioning treatments which is pretty generous.

Overall I am really happy with the results and a bit of a change.

A x
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  1. I know this post is about your hair but I just gotta say it, your eyebrows are so lovely!!
    Anyway, love the new hair colour, this dye never worked for me. I do still have the conditioners though waiting to be used :-)

    1. aww thank you laura, that's lovely of you to say.

      I through phases of growing them out, and then getting them re-done again.




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