New On The Scene: Facacia Skin Care System

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Hey everyone, 

So ahead of it's launch on Saturday, I have received a new skincare dual system called Facacia (nope, it's not the bread- even though it does sound like it!)

This is an antibacterial face wash, that kills the bacteria that cause skin blemishes. It's a combined cleanser and toner with a foam formulation. I haven't tried these yet but there will be a full review when I do. 

This cleanser is enhanced with acacia extract, an anti-oxidant and claims to be for all skin types as it has been dermatologically tested and it's unfragranced. Usually I'm not a big foaming fan as I find that they can be quite stripping on the skin, but hopefully this will be the product to change my mind. 

The anti- bacterial serum is enriched with Vitamins A, B, B5 and E to moisturise and protect the skin after washing. If used in conjunction with the face wash it helps reduce breakouts. 

I tried some of the serum on the back of my hand just for a quick test and there is no heavy greasy residue - wahey!!

These will be available from QVC and from 2nd August
for £29.99

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1 comment

  1. These look IDENTICAL to the 'new' Makeup Revolution skincare products and the FaceB4 products. I think they might have just wrapped different brand labels around them xx

    Gemma //



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