My New Artwork by Charlie Goff-Deakins

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Hey everyone,

I have been stuck in a rut as to what to do with my blog and youtube channel etc and wanted to vamp things up a bit but didn't really know how and was majorly lacking on the imagination front.

This was until I saw one of the most awesome females on the Planet, Paloma Faith retweet some awesome artwork that had been done of her by an artist called Charlie Goff-Deakins.

I had a look at some more of his artwork and followed him on the ol' tweet machine and I just fell in love with it. I had a look at his 'be an artists model' page and just had to get in touch. We tweeted for a bit and I explained what I was looking for and totally felt through the whole process that he got me. It was like he knew me and we hadn't even met. I was so over the moon with the final result that I actually shed a tear!

Charlie is Manchester based artist that specialises in portraiture and instead of sitting for him, he work from a photo so that he can get every detail spot on- which I felt he really did! He updates his blog regularly including photos of the work in progress. This gives a wonderful insight to the process that goes into creating fantastic artwork. Especially for eejits like me that 1) Wouldn't know where to start, and 2) Can't even draw a stick man for toffee!

He is the sweetest guy, and have already invited him down to Norfolk for Afternoon Tea at Sandringham as I am eternally grateful.

Here is the portrait in question- I am beaming from ear to ear:

Everyone PLEASE PLEASE go an follow him, he is wonderful!

Twitter: @CGoffDeakins

I hope you all like it,

Until next time,

A xx
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