Hydraluron Moisture Jelly: The Review

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Hey everyone,

When I saw on Instagram that Indeed Labs had released a sister product- Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, I just HAD to get my hands on it as soon as I could. Needless to say, the useless Boots stores in Norfolk didn't even have it in stock on release day, so I ended up ordering online and using my Boots points to pay for it. So this was FREE! Don't you just love when that happens?
Now I adore Hydraluron serum and I can say for sure that I will ALWAYS have it in my life. It seriously makes the World of difference to my skin, making it softer, smoother and plumper and generally really bloody healthy. I can feel that when I put a product on after it, I can feel it working and my skin's thirst being quenched.
I'm no scientific genius, but here is the description of the new Hydraluron Moisture Jelly:
~ hydraluron™ moisture jelly uses a combination of 5 scientifically proven ingredients to help provide instant and sustained moisture to skin. Suspended in a hyaluronic acid matrix this refreshing jelly features PatcH20™, a micro network complex that helps to lock in moisture leaving skin soft, supple and glowing. Pair with hydraluron™ moisture boosting serum for optimal results. ~
Firstly, I would like to say that even though it looks a lot bigger than the original Hydraluron serum, you do infact get exactly the same amount of product, and the same price, but this just looks a lot fancier. I'm not gonna lie, I did feel a little misled - but it still doesn't take away from the fact that it is a fab little product. The box the jar comes in, is WAY bigger the product, and they filled it out a lot by putting a little cardboard sleeve in to stop it moving around - so you think you're getting a lot more than you are.
Indeed Labs packaging in general is so simple, and I think that's great- everything product works so it proves you don't need all the bells and whistles of fancy packaging. If the product works, it doesn't matter too much about the packaging.

It comes in a see thorough jar and that the product sits inside another container bulking it up. At the bottom is the plunger, so when you push the top, it squeezes from the bottom, dispensing the exact amount. Hygienic and waste minimising- fabulous. I did also notice that if you tap the jar, its really springy so there is obviously one in there somewhere.

Now to the product itself, it comes out in a very thick jelly consistency, in my eyes, not too dissimilar to Illamasqua's Hydraveil primer. It is really cooling on the skin, and doesn't leave any tackiness on the skin whatsoever. I can't bear the feeling of having a product on, that I can feel is there, weighing it down. This just sinks in and works its magic. As with the original Hydraluron serum, you can feel this working when you apply any other product after, or using it with Hydraluron serum for optimal results- which is what I do.
This is suitable for all skin types, and even with the most sensitive of skin, I can't see this affecting it all. It's also non scented so no scent skincare lovers will love this!
this £16.66 instead of £24.99
I always stock up on my Hydraluron, Eysilix and Nanoblur when they are 1/3rd off- it just makes sense to save those pennies!
Have you tried any of the Indeed Labs products? Let me know!

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Until next time,
A x
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