DePop Fever: What I Bought

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Hey everyone,
So after perusing DePop for what seems forever, I finally found 3 items that I has been wanting to get my mucky mawkers on for ages. 2 of the products I had tried years ago, and wasn't sure if they still made them or not (according to Sephora and Benefit, they do still make the first one). 
The fact all three items are Benefit happen to be a fluke- they're like buses, wait for ages and then 3 come at once!

First up was Dr Feelgood- this is a mattifying completion balm. It smells really lovely and non offensive. Packed with vitamin A,C and E to help give your skin a boost and to smooth over any fine lines or wrinkles. I leaves that skin super smooth and soft, and can be applied before or after makeup - or on a good skin day all alone. 
It doesn't feel at all heavy on the skin and if you're hot and bothered it's a perfect handbag size so you can carry it about and no one will know you are looking a bit shiny!
RRP £23.50 //  DePop: £11.50 inc postage.

Dr Feelgood  Buffing Lip Beads are fabulous, I had them years ago and at the time they came in a set with the Dr Feelgood lip balm and it was called Lipscription. The beads were great but for me, the balm fell a bit flat. When I spotted someone on DePop selling the beads alone I knew I had to get them. With it's creamy consistency with the lip beads and AHA's (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) it removes all nasty dead skin cells leaving your lips smoother than a baby's bottom! It's perfect for winter, and also if you are a fan of matte lippies- this is definitely what you need!
Now discontinued, but in the set was £23.50// DePop: £7.00 inc postage.

I also bought the Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy - I don't have a pic BUT I featured it in my June Faves video, so see me talk more about it here. It's RRP is £27.50 // DePop: £11.00 inc postage. 
My shade was No.4 

Have you found any bargains on DePop? Let me know 

Until next time,

A x

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