Skin Saviours: HealGel Body Calm- Nourish Regenerate

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Hey everyone,
This a summer skin saver- and maybe in all year round skin saver. I have been using the Healgel Body* for the past few weeks, and what can I say? It is wonderful. I'll put my hands up and admit it, I'm not really into body creams and lotions as such as I can't stand the feeling of stickiness and tackiness when I get into bed or just before I put my clothes on after a shower. It makes my skin crawl. Anyway, weirdness aside I thought I would give this a go as it is a gel formula which has already won me over. I apply after a shower and I find a little goes a long way so don't go overboard. I concentrated on my upper arms, knees and elbows and then just went the whole hog and slathered myself in it. Especially in the summer months when it is hot, you want something that dries quickly without leaving a residue on your skin. This leaves a cooling sensation after application and instantly makes you feel relaxed. The cooling sensation is lovely after a shower or bath and I tend to just jump around a bit or practice some line dancing - yep, I love it! for a couple of minutes while I wait for it to dry. No fuss, no mess and then I jump into bed. 
I have really noticed the difference in the tops of my arms which are usually dry and generally not nice and after using this a few times they have really reduced and bearing my arms hasn't not been such a challenge as I am quite self conscious about them. After shaving this is great too on your legs and soothes any irritation that may occur. 

I love the packaging in its yellow and white tube, with just the right amount of information and it's so easy to identify with the product and it's uses. 
The information on each tube has:
Product, Benefits of that product, Description, how often to apply and how to do it, the effect, the skin type it is for. It really does do exactly what it says on the tin - and it's more glamorous than Ronseal too!

 I can't wait to try more of the Healgel line out. I am convert!

Healgel is available here for £39.50. 
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