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Now I HATE the word 'haul' so they are now known as 'Spend Up's'. So I had a bit of a spend up when I went to the Kneipp website. I got one of their 'Stress Free' Mandarin bath products in my British Beauty Blogger Latest In Beauty Box- It is featured in my latest video which I'll link at the end of the post.

The site had buy one shower gel, and get another free so what's not love about those kinda offers and I picked up some bath salts too so here's the lowdown...

Kneipp Body Wash in Almond Blossom. This doesn'y smell too almondly or sweet and it really refreshing. It is a moisturising with almond and jojoba oil properties and good for hydrating sensitive skin. My skin isn't particularly sensitive but I like the sound of the scent. // £4.45 *currently 2 for 1*

Next up is the Mint and Eucalyptus Body Wash- This is designed for sinus relief so perfect if you aren't feeling too cracky and have a blocked nose and sniffles. Again, I adore the smell of both and am addicted to Olbas oil even when I don't have a cold. I find Eucalyptus a refreshing scent. This is like Olbas and Vick's vapour rub but in shower gel form. It smells amazing. // £4.45 *currently 2 for 1*

 Last but not least is the Mineral Bath Salt in 'Deep Sleep' with Valerian and Hops. These are both found in herbal sleeping tablets and known for their calming properties. I picked this up because I always like a bath before bed, and if anything that is going to help me sleep can only be a good thing. It also was in the Harper's Bazaar Hot 100 Winners Awards and the Red magazine Green Beauty Awards. // £7.95 

These are super affordable products, and you get a lot for your money too. I can't wait to get stuck in.

Have you tried any of the Kneipp products? If so, what are your thoughts?

Also, answers on a postcard if you can tell me how to pronounce 'Kneipp' correctly!

Until next time,

A x
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