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Hey everyone,
Now today's post may not be to everyone's tastes- but I do think that this issue is skirted around quite a bit and with summer coming up- why not make it more approachable. Yes people, I am talking about feminine hygiene. Along with other things like tampons, sanitary towels and any other form of feminine hygiene, it is quite a taboo subject. Even now, going up the daunting aisle in the local stores can seem quite scary and even embarrassing. 

So when this cute and I would say discreet package landed on my doorstep, I thought that I'd share with you my thoughts on these products from Femfresh* and get fresh for summer!

The first product is the Intimate Pocket Wipes*:
Cute and discreet packaging. All of the femfresh products have 'Intimate Skin Care' on them. I personally think doesn't give the game away and if someone gets something out of your handbag and they see it- if they're a guy they'll probably just think they are hand wipes and I'm sure my other half would think the same. If not, at least you know your bits and parts are fresh! (in our family bits and parts are what the 'down there' areas are called- ever since we were kids!) These are biodegradable, flushable, hypoallergenic, gynaecology and dermatologically tested and the perfect size for your handbag. // £1.49 for 10 wipes

Next up we have the new Ultimate Care Active Fresh Deodorant*:
Here is the science bit:  Silver ions which are natural in origin possess strong antibacterial and deodorising properties to help achieve long lasting freshness. This is a delicately fragranced product, that looks like a normal deodorant - so again it is quite discreet. The MultiActif odour neutralising complex in pairing with the silver ions leave you feeling fresh. This can be used directly on and around your bits and parts, or sprayed straight onto your underwear- no nasty niffs to be had around here! // £2.99 for 125ml

Last but not least we have the Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash*:
This gentle delicately fragranced freshening wash is enriched with lactic acid and purifying calendula. The same MultiActif ingredients and Silver ions mean long lasting freshness with odour neutralising properties. This wash is soap-free, pH-balanced for the intimate skin and hypoallergenic. It can also be used as a normal shower gel, and not necessarily for your intimate areas // £3.49 for 250ml

These are now all available in Boots, Superdrug and most other pharmacies and supermarkets.

Get Fresh For Summer!

Until next time,

A x

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