Urban Decay Electric Palette


Hey everyone, now I know this has been available for quite a while now but my boss bought it back from New York for me recently and I have been so busy that I have only really in the last week had time to properly sit down and have a play.

I am such a MASSIVE fan of Urban Decay and brights in general, and this palette is just incredible. I mean it is just out of this World with crazy pigmentation. I also have to warn you- wear a primer or base otherwise these babies  ain't coming off!!

First thing I have to say- Packaging is AMAZING, love this colourful smoke finish, it is also a slimline palette AND the lid actually stands up and its adjustable, so it doesn't flop all over the shop.

As with most UD palettes, they include a brush, and this is no exception. This is a doubled ended brush with one side to pack on colour and precision application and one end to blend.
There are 10 beyond gorgeous shades in this 10 pressed pigment palette and I can honestly say that I will use each and every shade. 

Here are the shades and swatches- for some reason I don't have a close up shot of 'Thrash' which is the last shade on the bottom row. There is a swatch, just no close up.


Revolt: A silver shadow with silver glitter, super pigmented and such a solid payoff.

Gonzo: Matte blue with silver micro glitter, a nice pay off but not as nice as I thought it would be.

Slowburn: Burnt orange with a little but of shimmer, but definitely more on the matte side. Really great payoff.

Savage: Hot pink and gorgeous matte finish. Fab payoff too!

Fringe: Turquoise/ Teal metallic finish- amazing pigment and payoff. Definitely in my top 3 of this payoff.


Chaos: Matte blue with a slight shimmer - Pay off was ok but not as amazing as it looks in the pan.

Jilted: Metallic fuchsia with blue undertone - OH MY GODDDDD - Beautiful, buttery shade that just glides with amazing pay off. This is also in my top 3. 

Urban: Stunning deep purple metallic pigment, with amazing buttery texture and amazing payoff too. this is in my top 3 also. This will definitely be getting a lot of wear.

Freak: Metallic green with gold undertone. I have this shade in the form of their glide on 24/7 liner and absolutely love it too.

Thrash: Matte lime green with gold undertone, really pretty shade and lovely payoff.

All in all, I love this palette and am so excited to have finally got my mucky mawkers on it. If you see this palette and think you wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, you can always ease yourself in and use one of the brighter shades under the lower lash line as a liner to give a pop of colour.

This is available for £38.00 from Debenhams www.debenhams.com/beauty/urban-decay

What are your thoughts on Urban Decays latest offering?
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  1. Ooh, that's some pigment! Love it. x

    1. It's crazy, and these are without a base! Under NYX jumbo shadow pencil in Milk these are insane x

  2. These look amazing, no idea when I'd ever be able to wear those colours though!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. The purples and blues are definitely the more wearable as in you can give a smidge
      of colour under the lower lashes to ease yourself in xx



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