*New Product Alert* Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout

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Free From Frizz is a new brand that came to my attention whilst looking at new products in Boots.
My hair is frizz central- even a sniff of moisture and I'm resembling someone out of a 70's rock band.
I have heard of the Brazilian Blowout before which from my understanding is more to straighten hair. But something that smooths the frizz and can keep style, I hadn't.
Free From Frizz claims to use technology that softens, not breaks the bonds of the hair shaft and then uses a top secret technology to lock in the anti-frizz actives, providing upto 6 weeks of frizz free hair. You use the pre-cleanse shampoo twice, and then apply the actual treatment and leave for 45 minutes. Proper instructions are both on the pack (obviously!) and here . Seems pretty simple even a numpty like me could understand.
Some hair management systems such as the Brazilian Blow Out (it just makes me think of Frozen) can be quite pricey, so when I saw this retail for a mere £14.99 I was shocked. I'll definitely be giving this a go and for any mad maned gals
 out there- maybe you should too!! It is recommended to use the relative shampoo and conditioner and these don't break the bank either.
They are available in two sets, Fine/Normal hair and Thick/Course hair - I'm the latter
So if you'd like to tame your tresses, head on over to Boots where they are £14.99 or Free From Frizz to find out more- the site is super helpful too. The whole set including the shampoo, conditioner and treatment is available there for £29.97
Let me know how you get on if you try this product and when I've road tested it, it'll be getting a full review.
Until next time,
A x
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