My Birthday Trip: McBUSTED *picture heavy post!*

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Hey everyone

So on the 24th of April, my sister took me to see McBusted. Back in October, I saw McFly perform at the Royal Albert Hall as part of their 10th Anniversary gigs, so when Busted came on and they became McBusted, I pretty much had kittens there and then.

Fast forward to April 24th and I knew we had tickets near the back - we got what we could, the fact we were there was the main thing! 

On the train there, my sister gave me my birthday card.... she had done the whole MoonPig thing and put the tickets on the front. She then pointed out to look at the seat numbers. She had sold our original ones and bought some more 10 ROWS FROM THE FRONT!!!!

At this point, I got quite choked up, and for some really odd reason I started to cry. Then she started to cry- we must have looked a right pair on the train!

It was my 11th time seeing McFly and 4th seeing BUSTED. IT WAS AMAZING. It was nice to hear the boys do old school Busted songs that only the hardcore fans would know, along with the singalong tunes.

Here are some pictures of what was one the most memorable nights EVER and it all happened on my Birthday. 

A MASSIVE Thanks to  the best sister in the Whole Wide World *soppy I know* I love you SO much.

I'd like to also point some of these may not be the best pictures taken in history, but I was jumping up and down ALOT and generally acting like I was 15 all over again.

 Panoramic of The O2 during Sleeping With The Light On

 Triple Breasts during Year 3000

 Our walk down to the Thames Clipper - FYI, if you go to any gigs at The O2, get the clipper- saves SO much time and not many people use it so no crammed sweaty smelly people on the tube post gig. WINNER!

 Gorgeous view from the Thames Clipper

The day's lunch at The Breakfast Club in Soho. We queued an hour, in the rain. but as usual it was AWESOME!


Until next time,

A x
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