First Impressions: Illamasqua Summer Collection 2014


As soon as I saw that Illamasqua were releasing their summer collection yesterday, I had to get my hands on some of the goodies they had to offer.

As the collection is fairly small with a 2 new Velvet Blushers (there are 4 altogether, 2 of them being all ready in permanent collectection) and 3 new Matte Lip Liquids. I liked the concept of these, and have to admit as a lip product junkie I was more excited about these than anything.

For a change, I picked up a warm peach shade called Surrender. I don't usually go for these kind of colours so thought I'd pluck for something different. 

The pigment is crazy, and as you'll see from the pictures below you seriously have to go slow with this product. I found applying it directly from the brush, loaded WAY too much product on and it became really streaky. And where the inside of your lips starts there is a really distinct line. It looks really odd. I decided to wipe it off and start again. This time, I patted it on with a finger and the colour still packed a punch, but it didn't look streaky or have that funny line on the inner lip.
The finish is super matte, and I find it slightly sticky- but if I don't press my lips together, I don't notice it and it doesn't feel uncomfortable to wear. 

Above: with colour patted on
Below: applied straight from the tube

Only time will tell how I get on with it, but after the initial teething problems I think I'll really enjoy wearing it.
* Also note apply to dry and smooth lips - chapped or flaky lips are a no go with this product*

Next up we have the Velvet Blush in 'Flirtatious' , I have the Velvet Blusher already in 'Sleek' and felt this colour would be fab for Summer.
On the website it says this is a soft pink, however it's definitely more on the coral side with a hint of warm orange. I applied this with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush as this is a creamier product and synthetic haired brushed tend to work the product better in my opinion.

As you can see from the swatch above, it is easy to blend the product or apply directly. These apply very smoothly and creamily - well...velvety!! as the name suggests and then dried a really soft silky powder. LOVE LOVE LOVE and this will perfect with a bit of a tan.

In depth reviews will follow once I have had chance to properly road test them.

Are you going to be trying anything from the Illamasqua Summer Collection? If so, what will you be giving a go? Why not comment below or tweet me @amiisteward 

The products are available now at Illamasqua. The Lip Liquid retails for £18.50 and the Velvet Blusher for £21.50

Until next time...

A x

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  1. I love Illamasqua for trying new things but I fell like they are a bit late to the party with the lipglosses as there are so many cheaper alternatives. When i need a new hydraveil and blush though i will be trying the new collection.

    Tess x

  2. Yes I agree with you. I mean if you have the money, go for it but if not then I think products like the Bourjois Rouge Editions are great xx



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