Helpful Hints: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

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So I thought I would do a post about how I deep clean my makeup brushes. I usually spot clean using Parian Spirit (which is AMAZING and smells like orange), it is the only makeup brush cleaner that I have actually liked, and not left a residue on my brushes.
I have quite a few brushes, so I clean half at a time as they take SO long to do.

You'll need 3 things when you clean brushes:
1) Olive Oil

2) Shampoo
3) Conditioner

I clean my brushes like my hair, with the exception of the olive oil. If you want brushes to last a long time, you have to maintain them properly. The olive oil breaks down the majority of the product, and then the shampoo cleans off the oil residue and gives an all round clean- and then the conditioner does exactly what it says on the tin!

Firstly, I pour some olive oil into the cup, and dip the end of the brush in, not the whole way as the oil can break down the glue in the ferrule of the brush causing your brushes to be bald!! 

I then dip them straight in the shampoo without rinsing, and swirl them in the palm of my hand to foam it all up. When all product has been removed, I then run them under warm running water brush head down, so water doesn't run into the ferrule.

Once clean, I them dip the tips into conditioner. And leave laying down until I have washed all of them. This gives time for the conditioner to work in. 

Once all brushes have been cleaned and conditioned, I rinse them off in hot running water. Be sure to remove every last drop of conditioner, and the squeeze out the moisture of the brush (I'm talking ringing it out like you would your washing, but a gentle squeeze) then re-shaped them and leave them flat to dry. Do not store upright straight away. Leaving them on the edge of a surface like a window is great, as the air can get round the entire brush.

I leave over night and they're usually dry as a bone in the morning. Then I store them as normal. 

I tend to deep clean my brushes at least once a month. It's important to clean regularly (even if to spot clean) just because it's surprising how much bacteria and yuckiness can get built up, and you don't want to keep putting that back on your mush.

Any shampoo or conditioner is good- I use ones that I don't particularly like for my hair, and don't want to throw away.

I hope you liked this post. 

How do you clean yours?

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