Denman Shower and Massage Brush

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When this nifty little contraption landed on my door mat I couldn't wait to give it a go.
Denman are known for their brushes (their panther print mini brush is amazing the only one I use) so giving this a go was a must.
This Be-Bop Shower and Massage brush* is designed to help distribute shampoo into your hair and massage the scalp whilst getting out any knottiness out when you're in the shower. The super soft plastic pins glide through your tresses and become even softer when heated up. I suppose the nearest thing you can compare this to is a tangle teezer, but then I don't really think you can one of those to massage shampoo in as the pins are too fine. This is a great product for thicker hair, I have trouble getting my tangle teezer through it normally- so this is a perfect product for my hair.
I'm not totally convinced on the distributing shampoo front, but as scalp massager it is brilliant. I use this when I apply conditioner, and it leaves me with a knot-free mane. For the £3.69 price tag, it's a steal.
I have the orange one (as you can see) but I think only Boots sell the black one, either way I think it's a great little gadget. You'll have fun with it, but you won't be screaming like Nicole Scherzinger in the Herbal Essences adverts so don't worry!
Just  note, don't leave it by the bath- my mum thought it was a body brush used for helping with circulation, and wondered why her legs went so red haha! Don't try this at home!
Have you tried this? Why not leave a comment or tweet me @amiisteward
A x
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