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Are you named after anyone?
  Well my parent's couldn't decide whether to call me Amy (after my Nan) or Rose after my great grandmother. In the hospital, the nurse hyphenated it, so it stuck. The spelling is Amii like the singer Amii Stewart she has a song called Knock on Wood and my parents liked the unusual spelling. So it's Amii-Rose

How old are you?

What is your middle name?
I don't have one

What nationality are you?
British, and I'm also 1/4 Jamaican

What do you do for a living?
I'm currently half way through my diploma in dental nursing, I also work on Sandringham Estate and I'm a freelance Makeup Artist.

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Nashville, Tennessee. I have always wanted to go. Not just because of the TV Show, but I love Country Music (I have just started line dancing!) and it just seems a really cool place.

What is your favourite place to shop for clothing?
ASOS Curve 

What shoe size are you?

How tall are you?
5ft 8"

What is your favourite colour?
Turquoise/ Aqua Blue kinda colour.

Have you got any siblings?
Yup, a little sis called Grace. She 22 and there is only 17 months between us, so we are super close

Do you have any pets?
One kitty cat called Lulabelle

Do you have any children?
Hell to the no!

Favourite makeup brand?
Urban Decay or Illamasqua

What do you like to do in your free time? 
Go to the theatre and cinema, read and write blog posts.

Do you leave the house without makeup?
 Yeah I do, I don't see the big hang up on people being scared to leave the house without it. It gives your skin a rest and I'm comfortable enough to do it

Favourite Season?
 Probably Winter, the nights draw in, Downton is back on TV and it gives me an excuse to wrap up in my pj's early and not leave the house

Do you still live with your parents?
 Yeah, I will leave hopefully when finish my Dental Nursing course

What's your favourite movie? 
 This is SO hard. Hairspray is definitely in the Top 5, along with Frozen and Some Kind of Wonderful (the most amazing John Hughes film- mind you, every film he did was fantastic! ) I can't choose. It's impossible.

Favourite food?
Pasta, pasta and more pasta (with gravy)

Tent or Hotel? 
Hotel, I'm too OCD to roughing it in a tent. I did 3 festivals a few years ago and never again!

Favourite Youtube channels?
 I love XSparkage, Promise Tamang's transformations are amazing, Pixiwoos as they come from my home city so are just up the road and British Beauty Blogger. 

Lip Loving: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

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I swatched these beauties a couple of weeks ago in the store, and I wasn't overly taken with them. I did however notice their amazing staying power. Lots of BioDerma and Cleansing Oil later, I thought maybe I judged too quickly.

On Friday night, I was doing a late night shop run for my boyfriend's man flu tablets- and these caught the corner of my eye- and I went a bit crazy. I blame overtiredness haha. I picked up 3 of the shades (as they were on offer, it would have been rude not to).
The packaging is compact and colourful- so easy to find in your handbags. I do find the actual product looks slightly different to the outer packaging- which is weird as I'm sure is just clear plastic! Either way, they add a pop of colour to your makeup bag and great for travelling because of their size and also good for ladies who carry smaller handbags about, they don't take up much room!

L-R: Pink Pong, Frambourjoise and Ole Flamingo.

L-R Frambourjoise, Ole Flamingo and Pink Pong.

FRAMBOURJOISE: Definitely the tamer of the three, but I thought it would be lovely to have less lairy shade that I could wear everyday.

 * so annoying that Boots sellotaped the caps together so the print came off- grrrrrrrr!

OLE FLAMINGO:  Gorgeous hot pink that packs a punch. Applied with the finger, the colour can be patted on to create more of a stained look, for those who aren't sure about going all the way.

PINK PONG: A blue based pink with gorgeous colour pay off.

 Firstly I love the names, So cute and definitely easy to remember! These certainly live upto their 'velvet' name, they apply SO smoothly it has to be felt to be believed and they are featherlight and hardly notice that you have any product on. It's clear Bourjois kept their cards close to their chest, and waited for other brands to release their versions before pulling this trick out of their hat. These are without doubt the best liquid lipsticks that I have tried, and their lasting power is second to none. They wear off really evenly and the doe- foot applicator has been created with a more precise tip so application is one swoosh and you're away. With a super buildable formula, and no cakey cloggyness at the corner of your lips, and staying power that you need Cillit Bang to remove* (*slight exaggeration- don't try this at home!), it's a winning formula that makes Bourjois get a MASSIVE thumbs up from me.
They apply like a liquid gloss, but they dry to a super matte finish that's totally non-drying on the lips. Any of these beauties can be applied with a finger to create a subtle stain that will give a lovely flush of colour.

Please be aware that these are REALLY difficult to remove and I find that BioDerma and an oil based product such as a cleansing oil or butter works best. 

There are 8 shades available in the range, including some reds and nudes so there's something for everyone. 

Their RRP is £8.99 which is an absolutely blinking bargain. Currently they're 3 for 2 in Boots and Superdrug so get your mucky mawkers on them asap. 

As I was taking these photos, my gorgeous kitty cat Lulabelle wanted to try these so I caught her red handed! 

And her sneaky little tail got in too!

 Until next time,

A x


Balance Me - Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm

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Hey gals and pals,
Here is a quick post about the Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. This is Balance Me's answer to Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish. It has a citrus scent (which I wasn't keen on at first but grew to love), and really refreshing. It contains oatmeal to get rid of the nasty dead skin cells, and also contains a muslin cloth to remove the balm. It is quite a thick texture (think Liz Arden 8 Hour Cream) and melts lovely in the hands as you apply it. This formula includes ingredients such as red mandarin (skin brightening), Artic Cloudberry (anti-dioxidant) and Shea butter (moisturising).


L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation


Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

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Hey everyone,


Helpful Hints: How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

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My Favourite Spring Fragrances

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Those who know me, will know that I have WAY too many perfumes for my own good. I think its approximately 40 at the moment. For me perfume is a big thing. Every scent I own reminds me of a certain point, event, situation in my life. These three fragrances are absolutely perfect for spring and if you go near any counters, be sure to have a spritz!


Denman Shower and Massage Brush

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Review: NARS- Radiant Creamy Concealer

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Hey everyone,

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