Hair Heaven: Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

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Hey everyone,

This is a bit different for me, I'm not usually one for reviewing hair products, and it isn't very often I find a hair product that I love. This has now all changed. I am a big fan of big massive bouncy hair - the bigger the better. I have naturally very thick hair, and find it really hard impossible to find products that don't weigh my hair down.

Low and behold....... *angels sing and a bright light shines* Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray.

I had seen a few reviews online, and thought that I would give it a go- I'm so glad I did. I had heard the it was a dupe for the Oribe one, but quite frankly anyone that wishes to spend £40 on a can of hair spray 1) Needs their heads tested, and 2) Has too much money! (well.... that's what I think) Just think how many other products you could buy for that amount *glazes over*.

So......... anyway. I had freshly washed and blow dried my hair then thought I would try out this beauty. I sprayed nearest the roots, giving it a bit of a juz then sprayed onto my hands, tipped my head upside down and ran my fingers throughout getting as much lift as I could. Well... the results... MASSIVE HAIR that resembled Aslan, Diana Ross, *insert name with big hair*. It didn't weigh my hair down, feel sticky or uncomfortable in my hair. I was SO pleased I can't tell you. It kept the height and with it being texturised added another dimension to my do. I actually felt like I could have been in Hairspray! It smelt good too- quite fruity.

My favourite thing was that the day after, my hair wasn't greasy, lank or matted up when I brushed it. I managed to get another 2 days of my hair using it without looking greasy- massive bonus and a rare thing.

All in all for £6.99 I'm unbelievably impressed. I'm pretty tempted to buy the texturizing powder from the same range. It is available in Boots now and they're on 3 for 2 here  - BONUS!
Have you tried anything from this range? What are your thoughts?
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