Once is Not Amused: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

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Hey everyone,

I usually write post about how much I love products, but I felt that I had to tell you all one that I'm really not loving. The Maybelline Big Eyes mascara is for me such a let down. I'm a big fan of other Maybelline mascaras but this really didn't float my boat.

I was attracted to buy it purely because it is a double ended mascara. If something is gonna end up saving me time in the long run, I'm all for it. One end is for your top lashes, with a more plush fuller brush, the other end, much smaller and for the lower lashes. I found that it really didn't do anything to my lashes, I mean you could tell I had a smidge of mascara on them- but nothing mind blowing. The brush for the lower lashes separated them out coated them nicely, but again- no showstopping lashes.

I do have one plus to say about this- it is waterproof, I mean super water proof- was swimming for 2 hours, and then showered and it was still there, when not being uses for waterproof purposes, I found it did crumble slightly.

All in all, I'm not overwrapped with this and I won't be using it again.

Have you tried this mascara? Did you like it?

A x

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