NAKED 3 Palette by Urban Decay Review

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NAKED 3 by Urban Decay

Soooooo I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the Naked 3 by Urban Decay. Hope you enjoy :-)

Firstly, I have to say that Urban Decay have hit the nail on the head when it comes to the packaging. With the ruffle effect metal tin with a taupey finish, it is practical, easy to keep clean and concise. Don't get wrong I love the first palette was beyond on awesome, but the finish had a velour type effect, which was a nightmare to keep clean and didn't have a proper closing mechanism. They got the jist of things with the Naked 2 by having a similar but more simple finish to the Naked 3. This palette clips shut so everything stay safely inside too. The outer packaging (which I haven't included) which was better than the previous Naked's too. These came with smaller sachets of the primer potions (the previous just had a mini version) tucked inside, and no other unnecessary packaging- just the box. Previous palettes have had plastic packaging sleeves, with the product sitting inside another plastic tray. I'm glad they got their act together on that front. The doubled ended brush (which they have also included in previous Naked's) also gets a massive thumbs up from me- Really good quality brush made in the same way at their other brushes. One end is flufflier blending brush, the other a flat brush to pack on colour. Does anyone actually use those darn awful sponge brushes in other compacts?

So lets get down to the nitty gritty with the shadows themselves.
In general this is a rose gold themed palette - Unlike the other 2 palettes- these are all new shades that have not been featured in the previous Naked's so really you don't have any excuse not to buy this baby!

Strange - A pale neutral pink matte-satin, I always use this as a highlight colour or in the inner corner of the eyes as the neutral colour brightens given the appear of wide eyed peepers!
Dust - A pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter, this is a super pretty colour and perfect in the inner corners of the eye too. You can build the colour or just have a wash on the eyelid.
Burnout- A light pinky-peach satin - I wear this colour almost every day as a quick go to look. This is a lovely colour if you have blue eyes.
Limit- A light dusty rose matte, I haven't really used this colour much at all - it would be a good transfer colour when blending to get a more seamless finish.
Buzz-  Metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter, I have also used this colour quite a bit too, the glitter can create some fall out, so if creating a heavier look, I would definitely add your base afterwards or it can get a lil messy!
Trick- Light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with a little bit of micro sparkle. Again, such a pretty colour that I use all the time.
I think this half of the palette is perfect for beginners, or people who aren't too sure about colour, but interested in giving it a go. The pigmentation of these shades is insane- but then again it is Urban Decay, and when have they ever disappointed in the shadow stakes?

Nooner - Medium pinky-brown matte - This is another that is good as a transfer colour when blending out, also good in the crease if you are using the first half of the palette as they're lighter.
Liar- Medium metallic mauve shimmer- Adore this colour SO much. Probably my favourite in the entire palette. So versatile and can easily be worn as a wash of colour on the lid, or in creating an entire look.
Factory- Pinky-brown satin - Perfect in the crease, and under they eye when creating a smoky look.
Mugshot - Metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift - I think the pink shift in this is utterly gorgeous - another fave for me.
Darkside - Deep taupe-mauve satin- A lovely crease colour that easy to blend
Blackheart -Smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle - I don't think the camera picks up how lovely this colour looks, and the name fits it absolutely perfectly. However, on applying straight onto the lid, the sparkle gets lost. I would definitely recommend using a base like 'Milk' Jumbo pencil by NYX as a base, so the colour has something to stick to.


All in all, I love this palette and I will definitely get lots of use out of it.
The shadows apply like butter, soooo smoothly and the pigments are just gorgeous. In my eyes- UD shadows are the best on the market. I'm very rarely disappointed.
The Naked 3 is available from most departments stores priced £37.00 

Have you tried the Naked 3 Palette? What are your thoughts? Why not comment below or tweet me @amiisteward
Until next time....
A xx

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