Skin Saviours: Hydraluron

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So..... a couple of months back I decided to take a leap in the World of Indeed Labs skin products.
I've always been more a makeup than a skincare person, spending £32 on a foundation- no problem, but splurging £25 on a skincare product- unthinkable.
I was in Boots and after hmmming and ahhhing for the best part of 1/2hr before my lovely boyfriend ending the pondering by shouting "Just bloody well get it and we can go home and I don't have to hear about hydra-bloody-luron ever again."
 I caved.
As it happened Hydraluron and Eysilix were 3 for 2 with other products so I snapped them both up. Hydraluron contains hyaluronic acid which holds upto 1000x its weight in water, plumping up your skin and giving your skin the moisture it needs.
The packaging is not fussy, it does what it says on the tube and I would repurchase this over and over again. The idea is apply a tiny amount of the gel all over the face, then go about your daily makeup routine. I think it works best if you apply the moisturiser after the gel and before your makeup.
It may seem like a bit of a nothing products seeing as everything with it is so straight forward, no fuss. But I guarantee your skin will thank you for it.
Hydraluron is sold in Boots for £24.99 AND it's currently on 3 for 2 offer so snap it up!!

I'll let y'all know how I get on with the Eysilix
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