Maybelline Baby Lips Review

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Hey everyone,
I thought I would all share with you my thoughts on the new Maybelline Baby Lips. I bought my first one back in April whilst I was in New York and can tell you- I was dang impressed. The States do some lovely flavours but the only downside is that you can't test them or smell them first, as they are in blister packaging. I decided on getting on Grape Vine because 1) I adore anything grape smelling and 2) If they were to be released in the UK, we definitely wouldn't be getting that flavour. So here are my thoughts.....

GRAPE VINE- I love packaging on this one, the tube is my 2 favourite colours.
The smell is divine and it gives a gorgeous tint to the lips that it suitable for any skin tone. It is very moisturising and the wear time is the best I have ever had with a lip balm. I'm gutted they do not do this flavour here but I guess it is another excuse to go to NY again haha.

CHERRY ME- Again. love this packaging and very handbag/purse friendly as you can find it easily. This is the nicest cherry smelling product I own (besides my beloved Cherry Chapstick). It very fruity but not sickly (like the Cherry Carmex- that made me feel sick!) and gives a glossier finish than the others. This gives the lips a sheer tint too.
PINK PUNCH- Firstly, this smells of Um Bongo. Very tropical and perfect for summer. This gives of the more colour than the rest of the Baby Lips I have tried and just with a slick of mascara and a this on your lips- you're ready in 5 minutes! Minimal summer makeup. I'm, not as keen on the tube as I'm not the biggest fan of yellow- but I'm sure everyone will love it.
QUENCH- As with all of the Baby Lips, these are supposed to last for 8 hours- I'm not entirely sure if this is true, but they do make my lips feels lovely. This is a clear balm that smells quite fresh and would be perfect to use under a matte lipstick to prep the lips and keep them from drying out. Not much else to say apart I adore this range.

Have you tried Baby Lips? Let me know your thoughts
Available now from for £2.99 and they are 3 for 2 at the moment too!
A xx
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