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Hey everyone,
I recently went to a big ball (this meant new frock and everything!) with my parents. I decided to treat myself to a day of pampering (that all happened to be in Selfridges), I then booked in with my FAVOURITE makeup brand in the WORLD 'Illamasqua'. My appointed artist was the delightful Salina- really lovely and very very talented (well all Illamasqua artists are!). I explained the look I wanted, and she didn't disappoint.
I have quite dark, but sparse brows- so thought I would give the more defined brow a look. Salina used the wonderful brow cake on them, along with THE best eyebrow brush in the history of the World. She also used Skinbase as my foundation, eyeshadow for contour. My favourite products that she used were the lip ones. These were Underworld lipstick, a gorgeous iridescent violet, and Boost , a blueberry violet intense gloss, to match Underworld. These were part of the Generation Q range, "Where beauty has no age limits" - personally I adore this range, simply because you can get something for everyone here. I have the other sheer lipgloss Opulent which is a rainbow beige that looks gorgeous on it's own for a subtle sheen, or absoloutely stunning over any lipstick. 

This is the look that Salina created on me:
I really loved the thick liner underneath, and well as on the top of the eye and waterline- and would without a doubt have her do my makeup again. She was very chatty, and not at all pushy. Something I really don't like is counter assistants and artists forcing you into buying something you really do not need. With Illamasqua it's a totally different approach and it's a pleasure as they ask you if you need anything and leave you alone- without hovering over you.
I've been a lover of the brand since the very start and have a whole draw in my makeup storage dedicated to it (a very big one may I add). I think I may need to go to ILLArehab.
Intense Lipglosses are £14.00 // Lipsticks are £16.00
Student and Pro discounts available
Have you tried any of the Generation Q by Illamasqua or any other Illamasqua products? What do you think?
A xx 

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