Illamasqua Hydra Veil Review

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Hey everyone,
So I'm back from my New York adventures (I had an amazing time), and have a very exciting little review for you all. I received an email about the Paranormal collection from Illamasqua when I was in NY to say that being a pro member, I could buy the new collection 48 hours before general sale. So, when I got back to the UK- the first thing I did was go online and splash out! (I bought the Paranormal palette, the new gel liner, and the much hyped about Hydra Veil). I just can't help myself sometimes!
The Hydra Veil was the item I was most excited to use, so I have been road testing it for a few weeks and I can say it is seriously wonderful. Firstly, the jar looks so luxurious, and a lot more expensive looking than the £27.00 price tag. It simply has the Illamasqua name on the front, and product name on the bottom- no cluttering up with other unnecessary info. The ingredients list comes in the box if needed.

The inside of the lid has rubber seal, so it keeps the product from drying out, and for an extra measure it has a stopper on the lid as this product would dry out in no time if left undone. Another handy thing, is the scoop which clicks onto the top of the lid. Firstly, absolutely brilliant for travelling but also so you get the right amount of product and don't go over kill, and waste it.
Now let's get down to business.
The texture of the product is like nothing I have seen before in makeup or as far as primers go. When scooping out, it has a jelly like consistency, and then when rubbed in with the fingers, it goes on like a serum. It is pleasant smelling product, without too much of scent- just fresh so it doesn't over power anything you may wear on top of it, or affect a perfume etc. After a few minutes, it returns to it's original state like new. So for those who are worried they will mess it up- don't panic! I guess I'm just easily pleased as this fascinates me so much!
Back to normal!
The product doesn't claim to have any other skin benefits other than to hydrate the skin and give you a flawless base for makeup. When I was testing out Hydra Veil, I decided to wear it under foundation just after I had cleansed. This gave a really lovely long lasting finish to my makeup too. This is perfect for dry and hydrated skin, and I think for more mature skins it would give a super smooth flawless finish. I have combination skin and felt this really performed well and made my skin feel really soft.
I don't doubt that this product will last a long time, as a little goes a long way. It is definitely worth the hype it is getting  and will definitely be in my makeup collection for long time to come.
Once again, Illamasqua hit the nail on the head with innovative ideas and products.
Have you tried Hydra Veil yet? What are your favourite Illamasqua products?
Available from all Illamasqua concessions and  for £27.00
A x

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