HD Brows Blusher and Bronzer Review

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Seasons greetings Gals and Pals,
Now..... Ageeessss ago I recieved and HD Brows Brow quad in a GlossyBox- and man was that amazing. Best thing I've used on my brows in years. They're highly pigmented and last all day long. They're all matte shades, and when I go away I sometimes just take the quad as I use it on my eyes aswell. Absoloute perfection. When the lovely HD brows people sent me a new blusher and bronzer to try out, I was wondering they could ever live up to the expectation of the palette. I can tell you they did.
First up was the HD Brows Blusher* in shade 2. Firstly I have to note the packaging. I love it. Sleek, uncomplicated and durable. When you open up the palette, theres a plastic disk which covers the blush, but its hinged on to open and close, this is also where the sponge sits in. I do tend to throw away the sponges but do think this is an ingenious way! Usually blushes come with a little protective bit that usually gets thrown in the bin! If you put it in your handbag and it gets bashed about it, this little cover will stop it from spilling over into everything and ruining the bottom of your bag. There is also a fab sized good quality mirror which will stay clean too because no fall out will mess it up because of the cover. Ok....I'll shut up now...


HD Brows- Blusher 2
This blush is highly pigmented, with a silky powder texture. It's velvety, easy to blend and long lasting. There is not a lot of fall out at all, and you only need the tiniest amount on your brush.
I think it is a pretty much perfect dupe to Orgasm by NARS - I think if you like a little less shimmer, then this is better than Orgasm. I only have 'The Multiple' not the powder version so it will pay off differently and the multiple is a creamier product. Take a look and tell me what you think......

I absolutely LOVE this blusher and I can recommend it highly enough. I also recieved the Bronzer in Shade 2*, which I also liked, but not as much as the blusher. It is a similar texture to the blush, and is golden brown caramel with shimmer. It will definitely be perfect for summer to add a gorgeously warm glow you your skin whilst you're sipping your cocktails by the pool.

All thats left for me to say now is that I have to get a new brow palette as I have hit pan on all colours and get my brows done HD Brow style- I've seen the fab results on other people and need to try it for myself.
More info on HD Brows is available at http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/ and you can buy their products at http://shop.nouveaubeautygroup.com/brows/hd-brows/
The blusher is £17.95 (Orgasm is £21.00)  and the Bronzer £19.96 and those are currently the only shades they do. I think the blush is without a doubt worth the price tag though, also the packaging doesnt get grubby like the Nars products can.
Have you tried any of the HD products??
A x
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